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There are several women on steroid who are afraid of using banned legal steroids, dreading that buying the best legal steroids would make them develop huge muscles that leave them with manly features. Truly, men and women are different physiologically.

As a lady, you may reason that being thin is the perfect figure for you. And while that might be correct to a certain extent, a well-defined body is much better looking than the skinny-fat body most women have.

Women on steroids can change their figures into very eye-catching bodies. Sometimes, though, it takes more than just exercise and diet alone.

The usage of steroids by women is becoming more and more common.

A number of women steroids can give women exceptional bodies with lean muscle and less fat as well as increased strength and stamina to do well at the gym. Still, female steroid side effects are a big warning to many female users.

The good news, though, is that women don’t have to worry about the virilization effects of anabolic steroids anymore. This is all thanks to Crazy Bulk, the brand that provides legal, natural steroid alternatives (such as Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Winidrol, Cutting Stack, Dbal etc) that help women construct lean muscles and reduce fat.

In order to learn what you can anticipate from Crazy Bulk women steroids, it’s worth reading about the understanding that other female users have had with these supplements.

With that in mind, here are the stories of Jessie and Ana, two women who made the bold choice to welcome female steroid cycles.

Jessie’s Struggles as the Skinny Girl

Dbal Review Woman

Being skinny is something that Jessie had to fight with since she was small. Most of her household members also had lean bodies.

So, like several people who have found themselves in this condition, Jessie thought that it looked usual to be slender as it ran in the family.

Jessie got used to being christened the “skinny girl” as a teenager.

She even liked being known as the skinniest one among all her friends. But that transformed significantly during her teenage years.

Due to her lean structure, she was often teased and called names such as “beanpole,”“walking stick,” and even“skeleton.” The abuse from her peers continued to saddened Jessie emotionally. Over time, she developed an inferiority complex about her size and figure.

In an effort to alter the circumstances and gain more confidence, Jessie decided to discover a technique to gain more weight. After all, she was deadbeat of being the skinny teen that everyone kept gazing at or mocking. So, she started to eat more expecting to gain some pounds.

Yet, Jessie had a fast digestion and so increasing calories in her diet did not aid much. Additionally, the minimal weight gain she gotten mostly composed of harmful fat.

Therefore, Jessie decided that the following best option was to take account of exercise in her fitness plan and try to stimulate growth of lean muscle mass.


Jessie’s Fitness Journey with Exercise and Steroids Begins

Choosing to include exercise into her fitness schedule was the cool part. After doing some study, Jessie understood that she had to lift weights in order to gain lean weight.

As this was energy intensive and strenuous, it didn’t seem like an easy choice. However, Jessie decided to execute weight lifting trainings five days a week but focused with less cardio to stay fit.

Like most people who are fresh to exercise, Jessie started with great passion. Within a few weeks, she was feeling stronger and slept better than before.

Nevertheless, one problem that endangered her whole fitness plan was the constant feeling of exhaustion and muscle pains.

Legal Steroids Woman

While muscle weakness was a good sign that the workouts were having an outcome on her body, Jessie found this to be quite uncomfortable.

She tried diverse approaches to deal with this issue such as massages after workouts as well as executing loosening up and cool-down practices before and after each exercise periods.

Regrettably, nothing she tried could make the muscle pains go away totally.

Therefore, Jessie decided to cut back on workout days by letting a day in between exercise periods.

As time went by, her body got used to the weight lifting. In addition, relaxing adequately helped with recovery after rigorous workouts. However, decreasing the number of workout days caused  slower results.

Since Jessie desired faster results, she started looking for a answer that would preserve her energy levels up, avert muscle weakness, and increase the rate of muscle improvement.

After speaking to her gym instructor, he advised that Jessie implement a high protein diet and more deep workouts. But even after trying those solutions, the effects did not come as fast as Jessie wanted. Moreover, exhaustion had started to affect her body again.

During further discussions with her fitness trainer, Jessie was guided to try steroids based on her fitness goals. At first, she was nervous about using steroids.

She assumed that women on steroids were mostly skilled power lifters who wanted to retain immense muscle gains and strength.

What’s more, she didn’t like the masculine side effects that steroids triggered in women. After stumbling upon Crazy Bulk steroid options on the Internet, Jessie had a change in perception.

How D-Bal Gave Jessie a Sexy, Lean Physique

Crazybulk Dbal PillOverwhelmed by the many feat stories as well as before and after photos of numerous users of Crazy Bulk supplements, Jessie decided to try these anabolic compounds.

What influenced her to make this choice was the fact that Crazy Bulk steroid alternatives are made of natural ingredients that cause no side effects.

After going over the different supplements that were on offer, Jessie chose to go with D-bal. This supplement seemed to be the impeccable choice since it would help her gain the lean muscle mass she was after.

During the cycle, Jessie kept eating protein rich meals, maintained a balanced diet, and continued with her weight training routines.

The entire cycle ran for 30 days with a 1.5 week off cycle period. Before supplementing with D-Bal Jessie had 14% body fat and her muscle gains were not successful no matter how hard she worked out.

Fast forward one and a half months later, Jessie was pleased to report that she had gained lean muscle on her core, back, arms, and legs. Not like before, her skinny body has now been supplanted by lean muscle.

And now, her body is more toned and fat content has been reduced by about 3%. Energy levels also went up as Jessie reported of being able to lift 10lbs. more. She can also bench press an additional 25lbs., which was difficult for her about a month ago.

After reaching increased strength, lean mass, as well as a toned, ripped body, Jessie is one of the many users who have heaped praises on Crazy Bulk fitness products. However, she’s not the only female user that found these supplements helpful.

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Read on to learn about Ana’s account with Winidrol, one of Crazy Bulk’s alternative female steroids for weight loss.

Ana’s Experience with Winidrol

Ana is one of the many people who have used Crazy Bulk supplements to enhance her fitness plan and gain better results. However, using performance-enhancing drugs is something that she simply tried on a whim.

safe steroid for weightloss and strength

Ana’s 8 Weeks Progress:Crazy Bulk has been a wonderful experience. The best choice I have made. I have been working out for a long time but this products are helping me tremendously. I feel much better with my mood mental and physical

For reasonably some time, Ana has been living a fairly active way of life. Doing cardio and resistance training workouts and eating well was part of her life.

However, Ana’s growth with fitness training seemed to have hit a hill. Her strength levels and lean weight gains had peaked for months.

While this isn’t a bad thing for a person with her physique, she desired to lose extra body fat and get a better toned shape with better muscle definitions.

After trying with a change in diet and exercising methods, Ana realized she couldn’t break her fitness plateau. And just when she though there was no feasible way to achieve her fitness goals, a friend lead her to Crazy Bulk products.

Like several women who dread steroids and other performance enhancement tablets, Ana was cynical about using any of the products that Crazy Bulk had to offer.

After investigating the brand and reading user reviews, she decided to try these steroids because of the countless success rates. Given that prior attempts to achieve her wanted fitness goals had failed, she believed that this might be the key she was looking for.

While reading about various anabolic supplements from Crazy Bulk, Ana felt that Winidrol was the best product based on what she wanted to achieve from her fitness training. Therefore, she ordered one bottle and started the 30-day prescription of 3 capsules daily.

During the Winidrol cycle, Ana’s diet continued the same and she did not stop exercising. By the conclusion of the cycle, she testified of having gained more strength and changed her body fat with lean muscle. Ana also told Crazy Bulk that her mood and physical well-being has improved considerably.

TIPS: Ana later stacked Winidrol with Anvarol and Clenbutrol to help her achieve even better results.

Final Word about Women On Steroid Cycles

The use of women steroids and other performance enhancement pills is something that many women dread.

Nonetheless, the story of Ana and Jessie goes to show that legal women steroid alternatives work and they are a great choice for women who need to develop their physiques using supplements that do not cause side effects.

It’s vital, though, to point out that exercise and good diet are important supports in any fitness plan, be it with or without steroids.

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